Saturday, February 12, 2011

Armory gun show.

You can tell people are worried about new gun laws again. I had to park at the end of the parking lot and just about elbow the way through the crowd. One day, it would be nice if people could figure out that if you want to look at an item, move over and look at it. Don't stand in the middle of the isle and block both directions of the isle way. The only M1a available was a synthetic stock scout and a way overpriced supermatch. I am going to call the guy from the club and order the one I have been looking for. Bumped into my buddy there that I bought my Garrand from a couple years back. His buddy has a Norwegian Krag that looks to be in great shape. The reloader there has ammo for it as well. He is suppose to be getting a Krag-Jorgesson in a couple of weeks. It is one he use to own and traded a few years back. Says he has the original bayonet for it as well as some bandoleers of ammo and an old army belt that holds ammo. Suppose to be unmolested and in pristine condition. He also has an Enfield that I have been interested in for some time now. He has quite a collection of military memorabilia. He brought out some of his nazi lugers just for display. When he gets the Krag in, he is suppose to give me a call. He invited me over to check out his collection. Getting nice out already. Suppose to be in the fifties tomorrow. A couple more weeks and the spot shoots will start up again at the club. I saw one of the nicest K31 Swiss rifles I have ever seen at today's show. The wood was absolutely perfect. The bluing and metal was flawless. It looked brand new out of the box.He wants five hundred for it, which is real high for that particular type of rifle, but it is perfect in every way. May have to head out to the range tomorrow. Be nice to get some fresh air and sunshine for a change. May mess around with the Mustang for a while as well. Vacation is only four weeks away. Hope to get my floor welded in that week and get the hydraulic clutch installed. I found a new under the hood wiring loom for $150 that I ordered from e-bay. I was having intermittent problems with the old one. Hope to have it drivable in early spring.

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