Sunday, February 20, 2011

Range day number two

Went back to the club today and talked to some of the guys that run the cowboy shoots. I like to go there during the week and shoot the targets for fun. I did get some tips on the loads they run. You can use any caliber as long as it is not jacketed. I talked to them about what loads they were running. The commercial stuff is extremely low velocity. The guys also told me how to load for the lever action. It is suppose to feed .38, but misfeeds regularly. They said the easiest fix is to do a .38 load  in .357 brass. I was hoping on being able to use the .38 ammo so as to have one caliber that would feed the pistols and rifle as opposed to two different lengths. They have a really nice setup down there. I told them I would help work at the next shoot. It will get some of my work hours in and I can check it out at the same time. What is really nice is they don't force you to wear the cowboy outfit or recite something before you shoot. They don't want baseball hats and tennis shoes, but you don't need a cowboy hat or any other oddities to shoot. They say just come out and have fun. They have set ups where you shoot a pistol stage followed by rifle and some have a shotgun shoot at the end. There are several events running side by side. Very impressive setup. One building I thought was just used for signing up for the different shoots is actually a lounge area with a stove and coffee to keep warm as well as seating to relax. They did a nice job on it. It looks like something you would see in an old western on the outside as well as the inside. I have never used muzzle loaders, so one of the guys said he would bring some of his out and we can play around with them some time. He wants to see my lever action shotgun. He has seen pictures, but has never got to shoot one before. Says he has a variety of old flintlocks he will bring out too. Sounds like a great time. Most of the time I go out there, I spend more time talking with people than shooting, but that is a fun in itself. Might get some coupons to the Indy show. One of the guys that I talked to said he went to Indy a couple years ago, and they keep mailing him dollar off coupons for entry to the show, and he doesn't go. Said he will try remember to throw some in the truck for me. I told him about the Louisville show next weekend. Don't know if they will go or not. It would make the drive more enjoyable.
Went over to the archery area and it looks like they finished the stand. Suppose to be putting in 3d targets as well. They are making the parking lot a lot bigger and putting in stone so it should be less muddy getting in and out of there. I may go back out tomorrow after work if the weather holds out. It was in the mid 70's today. I am enjoying it while it lasts. Hard to believe it is February. Not ready to go back to work. Having too much fun and the weather is too nice.

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