Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wow, almost like I knew what I was doing....

Procrastinated as much as I could. I finally came home and ran the gas line for the new range today. I measured several times before drilling hole through wall, and, it actually came out exactly where I wanted it. Just off the floor enough to tighten pipe where the elbow cleared the floor. I even remembered to put the trim ring on before screwing pipes together. What really shocked me was I was able to use all standard length pipes to hit the perfect custom fit. I thought for sure I would be taking a pipe into work tomorrow to shorten and recut the threads. Tomorrow I simply need to convert the 220 outlet to a 110 and I will be ready for the new range. Shouldn't take but a half hour or so. Need to run the clean cycle on the old range before disconnecting it. It's a nice range and I am sure someone will get some use out of it. One of the guys at work was interested. I told him I would trade for a plane electric range. I want to use an old range in the garage for powder coating. I could use this one, but it's really too nice to use for that. Once you use it for powder coating, you aren't suppose to use it for food. If he doesn't want it, I am sure one of the neighbors will. Tomorrow is the last work day for the year. I pushed the range delivery from December 26 to Friday since I am ready ahead of time and got Friday off. Saturday is the gun auction. Things are looking up. It will be so nice to have a gas range again. Curious to see how the convection part works. Probably take a bit of getting use to.

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