Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Just got back home from up north. Went up to visit with my brother, son and friends. Started off at my brother's new house. It is an awesome layout. several acres of land with a pond. Natural berm in the far back. Pole barn and a three car garage. One heck of a nice setup. He has worked very hard over the years and it is great to see him getting something back from all his labors.

He has a couple friends staying with him while their house closes. They are both excellent people and cooks. I now have to suffer my own cooking, but it sure was nice eating homemade meals I didn't have to fuss with. Very enjoyable stay. We got to meet up with Og and family for a bit. Og just redid the kitchen in their house and it turned out very nice. We then went around the local gun stores to see what new treasures were available. My kid joined us on the second day.  Finished out the trip with a stop at my Aunt's house for the holiday dinner. Homemade lasagna. It doesn't get much better than that. My cousin was actually able to make it this year. It's his house, but work usually pulls him to some other area of the country. Got to check out his little man cave he installed in the basement.

Back home and relaxing now. Picked up spike from the doggie day care. He actually managed to stay clean. I actually escaped having to give him a bath. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.....


  1. I'm glad you got to spend some time with them all. Merry Christmas Rich.

  2. Shoulda let me know you were in town. we coulda met up.

    I think I'm gonna take the tractor and Bush Hog out to your brothers and knock the grass down in the spring so he will be able to keep it decent with a regular rider after that.

  3. Yeah, I would have liked to have seen you again. I got in town a day later than I planned and didn't get to see everyone this trip around. I will give you a heads up next year if you like. We usually do a gun run. Hit up Cabela, blythes and a local one I can't recall the name of. We usually have Og along as well. Normally stop somewhere along the line for eats along the way.
    Yeah, my brother has a heck of a nice spread. The bush hog will definitely get a work out. Mighty nice of you to tackle the brush. Talked to him the other night. He has been tractor hunting. Looks like he has a nice natural berm near the back. May be making a trip up during the summer. My aunt was making noises of a summer family get together. Let you know if it happens. Maybe we could do a warm weather gun run. Take care and a happy new year to you and yours.