Friday, December 20, 2013

Cooking with gas.....

The delivery crew was here bright and early with my new gas range. Eight AM, which was awesome as it freed up the rest of my day. Told the delivery guy to call when he hit my driveway so I could put hyper dog outside. He does best when he doesn't know people are in the house. He forgot and rang the door bell. I put Spike, my white dog, out in the yard. He wanted in with the company. After they got the range hooked up and left, I went out and retrieved my now black dog. Head to toe mud. I wound up leaving him outside while getting the bath set up for a hose down and laid out towels. Next, wrestle dog into a towel and run him to the tub so the house doesn't get too messy. He did somehow get mud on the bathroom wall, not sure how. Once done, I swear a peke out of the bath can beat a greyhound in a race. He does laps around the house to dry off. He does occasionally stop at my leather couch to help soak some of the moisture off of him and give the sofa that wet dog smell.

After his bath, and my second shower, I got some Christmas stuff done, then, off to the gun show. Yes, it starts early Fridays, and I was off. It was really hard not buying anything. There was a nice enfield with bayonet and sling priced low as well as a Colt huntsman that was also priced low. I am saving for tomorrows auction. They have a Luger I have my eyes on as well as a couple nambu's. A few others I am watching, but those are the main ones I am looking at. They are at the beginning of the auction, so I shouldn't be there too long tomorrow. If I don't win any of the bids, I will probably be hitting the gun show and picking up the enfield. I called my one buddy from work who relishes the huntsman I have and told him about the low priced one at the show. It comes complete with holster. If he doesn't pick it up, I will. It is priced way too low. It would be a good investment. Tomorrow should be an interesting day.

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