Sunday, December 8, 2013


Typical liberal twisted perspective, and the way Obama typically operates. If I am in possession of a bald eagle feather, even if I found it on the ground, I am going to jail. If I have a windmill farm, I can now legally kill as many eagles (and an unlimited number of ducks, geese and other wild game) as occurs. But, it's green. It is earth friendly. Wonder if they can sell the feathers and meat. They can make a processing plant on site and sell wild game meat and feathers. Hell, the windmill does the grinding for you so you now have ground fowl, feathers and all. The plant can run on windmill power.: )You would think that they could put a whistle of sorts at the top where the blades are to detour the fowl. It is far enough up that you should be able to generate a noise at a level to alert wild life, but not reach the ground. It is still up to debate if you really save anything at all on a windmill farm after the cost of construction and maintenance. Just another Obama green clusterfrick. Wish we could have the billions of taxpayer dollars he has squandered on alternative energy that has gone down the tubes. Gambling with one's own money is one thing, taking long shots with taxpayer's money should be illegal.

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