Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Attention Attention.... all dead beat liberal cities................the flood gates are now open

The courts have given the go ahead for Detroit to off load their debt and carry on. Isn't that just special. How long before Chicago and the whole state of California and many other blue areas line up at the trough. At this point, they would probably be further ahead bulldozing the whole city and starting over. If you wipe out the debt, you still have a burned out hulk of a city with  non working welfare recipients. There is no income. There is no tax base so there is no longer a free ride. Bail them out, and the boat is going to fill back up. The boat still has a hole in it. How long until the democrats try to use the same fix for the national debt. It's another part of that Obama change package. Three more glorious change filled years ahead. Waaaaaaaaah

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