Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Went out to feed the fish this morning and found the plant I bought for the pond had bloomed. I finally found a plant I can't kill. Place it in water and it takes care of itself. Fish use it for shade as well. Also helps keep the algae down. Hard to forget to water it when it is in the pond.

Spent the day in Louisville. Went down to Knob Creek, where they hold the machine gun shoots, and checked out their gun store and the range. They are still working on repairing the bridge that was damaged in a spring storm which forced the cancellation of the spring shoot. Looking forward to the fall shoot. Hope they are done in time. Hate to see them cancel again. They didn't have the scope I wanted in stock. I will either hit cabelas or order it through them.

After Knob Creek, I hit Louisville zoo. It is a really nice zoo. Weather was perfect. Lots of walking. They had some rather interesting displays. The polar bear was having a blast diving for toys. It was great to get outside for a bit after the long heat wave we have been enduring. Not sure what to do tomorrow. Might hit the range if it is nice. If it is raining, off to Bowling Green to take in the corvette assembly line or Mammoth cave.

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