Monday, July 30, 2012

I made it to the gun store after work and picked up a ticket to the Friends of the NRA event. Picked up a few raffle tickets while I was at it. I can always use more guns and or a safe or two. They have some really sweet prizes. It is always a fun time. They will have an auction going on as well as prize give aways. The fillet of mignon dinner isn't bad either. Have the club meeting on Wednesday this week, so a few fun things to do.  Load up the truck and get some range time in before the meeting.


  1. Rich,
    You might want to be careful about statements like, "I can always use more guns". Apparently more than no guns is the sign of an incipient mass shooting rampage and 20 guns and 400 rounds of ammuniton constitites an arsenal!
    I'm going shooting Friday to hone myself preservation skills...

  2. 400 rounds of ammo. I usually have more than that in each caliber I own. If they wish to arrest someone for supplying an arsenal and helping out in shooting rampages, Holder and his crew should be behind bars. Take care and happy shooting.