Sunday, July 22, 2012

Must be an election year

The poor people were not traumatized enough by some deranged loon opening fire in a Colorado theater. Obama has to use the tragic event as a photo op. I know if I was involved in a tragedy, the last thing I would want is to have to endure a visit from Obama. The anti gunners will be going ape shit. The loon could just have easily set off a pipe bomb using common parts from a hardware store. They are already yapping about metal detectors at the entrances. How about hooking up the alarms on the exit so he couldn't have left and come back in. All metal detectors do is assure that nobody has the ability to fight back if some loon does try something. Years ago, when I still lived on the border of Mordor, they had a shooting in Tinley Park in the communist community of Chicago. It was at a Lane Bryant store. The law abiding customers, who were not armed, were slaughtered like cattle. Chicago only allows it's corrupt politicians to carry fire arms. Us common folk are left to fend for ourselves.  Disarming America is not the answer. Loony nutbags will always find a way to act out there twisted scenarios on people. Taking away one's defense so said nutbags are the only ones armed is also not the answer. We live in a democracy. If someone does not wish to carry a firearm, I can respect that. In turn, I expect them to respect my right to defend myself against nut jobs.

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