Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Broke in the AR

Headed to the range this morning to meet up with one of the kids from work. He wanted to try out my SKS and AR. I also brought out the Garrand, M1A, and a slew of my pistols. Two of my favorite pistols to plink with at the regular range are my Browning and Colt .22's. He really liked them. They are incredibly smooth. I can't figure out why they don't still manufacture these models as they are so enjoyable to shoot and accurate as well. He will be looking for one at the gun shows to add to his collection. His girlfriend had to work, so she wasn't able to join us today. She is looking for a carry gun, but doesn't know what she wants. I told him to line up with me and I will bring a selection of different calibers out for her to try.

He got to try out the different military guns. The AR is a real pleasure to shoot. I keep bracing for the recoil that isn't there. She shoots incredibly nice. I need to figure out what type of scope I want to put on it. Did pretty well with the iron sights. The Garrand got a good workout. We had the gong on the hundred yard line going pretty good. The SKS got some exercise as well. I don't shoot it much since I got the Garrand, so it was nice seeing someone enjoying it for a while.

The area is incredibly dry. They have fireworks bans in the effect all over Kentucky and lower Indiana. The caretaker at the club said they have had six fires started along the railroad tracks by the trains going by. The railroad now has a pickup truck on the tracks that follows the trains to put out fires and report ones they can't control. There is alot of dry brush on both sides of the tracks. The whole area is heavily wooded.  I heard they lost several acres to fire a week ago. While we were at the range, we saw smoke rising from the other side of the tracks. We were going to call it in when we heard the sirens. One of the houses in the subdivision next to the club caught fire and burned to the ground. Don't know what the cause was as of yet. Fortunately, after getting home, we got a really heavy rain that actually soaked the ground fairly well. Hope we get some more. It didn't cool it down at all, but the rain is sure a blessing. Feel sorry for the poor displaced family. Hope nobody got hurt.

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