Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bowling Green day

Got up early and headed down to Bowling Green Kentucky for the day. Hit the Corvette museum and some other local fare. Weather was nice, until the trip back. Ran into a heck of a storm. The temp dropped radically, rain coming horizontally and rather hard to see where I was going. Pulled under a bridge and waited for it to clear a little bit. It did cool it down about fifteen degrees in a matter of a few minutes.
 Hit a gun store in Kentucky on the way home and found the scope I have been looking for. The price was the best I found anywhere, including the internet. I need to get a picatinny rail extension as I can't quite get the scope eye relief set quite where I would like it. It is a really nice scope made for the AR's. It has an adjustable objective lens that is scaled. Sight in the scope at 25 yards with the lens set at 25. Then all that is needed is rotate lens adjustment to number of yards and shoot. You are sighted in. Taking her out in the morning for a little exercise. I will check Red Ghost gun shop on the way and see if he has the extension I need.

Vacation is getting down to the final days. They have a monster truck pull this weekend at the 4H center I am thinking about hitting. They also have a huge gun auction going at the aucion house Saturday. Not sure what direction I will be headed. I will go to the auction preview tomorrow to see items first hand and see if there is anything calling my name.

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