Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mini trip today

Been taking care of chores the first few days of vacation. I am planning on going to
Louisville in the morning. I am going to head over to the knob Creek gun shop and also check out the gun range. It will be interesting to see it in it's normal state. I always go during the machine gun shoots. They only charge ten dollars for a day at the range, or you can get a membership for a reasonable price. They have the scope I want for the AR in stock for a decent price. Plan on hitting the Louisville zoo on my way back. Should be a decent trip. I hit the little local zoo today just to get out in the fresh air. The heatwave has subsided quite a bit. The little zoo in Evansville isn't much to see. I am use to being up north where I would hit Brookfield zoo a few times a year. It is hard to beat Brookfield. Thursday will either be a range day if it doesn't rain, or a cave day if it does. Just have to decide between Mammoth and Merengo.

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