Saturday, July 28, 2012

One day off at least

Getting busy again at work thankfully. I prefer it pretty steady. Makes the time go by pretty quick. Lost track of time and didn't get my Friends of the NRA banquet tickets for the big 4h event. Hoping I can scrounge some up. It falls on Thursday of next week. I was thinking it was a few weeks away yet.

It is actually quite pleasant outside for a change. May head up to the county fair tomorrow. Like to hit the club for a little bit and play with the AR for a while. Neighbor dropped by yesterday. His wife wants a new white vinyl privacy fence. He asked if I would like his old one if he gets a new one. It is a six foot wood fence in pristine condition. He always takes really good care of his property. Price is right. He says if I tear it down, I can have it. Have to wait and see if he is able to get the new fence at the price he wants. If I get the old one, I will get a quote from his fence guy for sinking the posts for my fence. It would work out well. I wanted to upgrade the fence a few years down the line, and with most of the materials supplied, can't go wrong. If he doesn't get the fence, I may have them quote a wooden one for me while they are in the neighborhood. I have repaired the one I have, but it is just a picket fence and the contractor didn't put it in very well. It would cut into the dog's favorite hobby of barking at everyone walking by.

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