Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy range day

I got up, packed and hit the club. When I got there, a buddy of mine from work was pulling in ahead of me. Shortly after, another guy from work showed up. We had a great time. I got my newest scope tuned in. It's a nail driver now. I love this scope. It's the Leupold Mark AR4X12 scope with adjustable objective lens. Even as blind as I am, I can acquire the target and see it very clearly. Had to put shoot and see target up as I couldn't make out my hits from a distance. But she held really tight groups. I am really impressed by my new AR and the scope. Will be doing business with them again. Definitely want to put together an AR 10 (as well as an AR50) down the line. Did find a need to order lots more ammo. I burned through what I bought already. Knocked out the cobwebs from the savage .17 while I was out there. Got to shoot my buddy's new 9mm Ruger. He is still having misfire issues even after sending it back to Ruger for warranty servicing. This time he brought out two brands. The UMC was the one he was having trouble with. The indentations on the primers seemed deep enough where they should have gone off. Think he just got a bad batch. He brought out Winchester white box and the gun worked flawlessly. It actually fit my hand good. It ships with a carry mag and an extended grip mag. It is his first gun and he was having a great time once he found the ammo was the problem. He got to shoot my AR as well.

Tomorrow is the big gun auction. I went to the preview today. They even have a couple machine guns on the block. No M14 though. I will have a real M14 one day. They have a MAC 10 with lots of magazines and a silencer bringing the tax stamp alone up to $400. The gun alone usually goes for around $5000. They have a jungle carbine. I have one , but will watch this one. Down here, military guns don't go for what they do up north. If it goes cheap, I will have two. They have an International Harvester Garrand. One can never have too many Garrands. They have a few Nazi Lugers that I will be watching close. There is a Browning BDA .380 up as well. I have one, but my brother does not. If it goes cheap enough, I can snag it for him. There are some really nice wall hangers I would like as well. There is a M1 carbine there. If it is priced right, it has possibilities. The Monster truck show is going on all weekend too, so there is plenty to do.

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