Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I moved the mill and stand, the other heavy work bench and a few shelving units, with boxes of tools to the storage unit. Not fun. All trips, except the last one, I remembered to lower the truck cap door. The trip to take the mill, I backed into the garage so I could flip the mill into bed. I hear a horrible crunch, and feel it. I forgot to lower the truck cap door. It barely doesn't clear with no load. I mangled the cap door bad. Fortunately, the garage door got spared. New cap door is $450. Don't think it is worth turning in to the insurance, so it is just an expensive lesson on stupidity.
The home inspection on my house was today. I am still dreading the results. They nitpick every little thing. They did find the sump pumps in the crawl were bad. Most of the crawl is dry, and no mold, so that part is good. He showed me pictures of one of the sump pumps and I instantly got pissed. I can't get in the crawl with the below ground entry, so I rely on other people. When I moved in, my inspector told me the sump pump needed to be replaced. I made it part of the requirements of the seller to fix. My inspector supposedly went in and checked, and approved repair. The picture I saw today was of a plastic bucket, the type you may use to mop your floor, being laid at an angle in a shallow hole and the sump pump was laid inside of it. WTF. I am going to have to fix the mess right, which will include replacing two pumps and new visquine throughout. I paid money to an independent party to check this out. I hate having to rely on people. Not sure what else they are going to list for repairs. I just want all this done. I absolutely hate moving. I am down to mainly furniture now. I will make a couple more trips to the storage unit, but the heavy lifting is done. I am so ready to just chill out.
Tomorrow is going to be the day I hit the banks and line the financing up. I am preapproved through my bank, but I have a couple others I am going to check out. It is suppose to rain the next couple days, so I should be able to just box stuff up and get paper work and phone calls done.

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