Monday, July 31, 2017

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel...

They did the reinspect of my house today and approved all repairs. My realtor was here and met with the buyers. They know my realtor as they hang out with her daughter. Turns out, the buyers weren't aware of my wanting to keep possession of my house until the movers can get my stuff out and into my new house. Their realtor was making the calls and not relaying the info to them. We now have a full agreement where I close on my old house Friday, close on my new house Monday, move Tuesday, and hand over my old house to the new owners Wednesday. Things are finally moving in a positive direction. Wouldn't have even been an issue had all the banks used the same title company. could have packed the truck, signed papers, and unpacked in one day. Wiring the money throws a wrench in the works. I will now be able to move all the odds and ends to the new house Monday and let the movers handle the heavy stuff Tuesday. I am quite anxious to get this done so life can get back to normal again. Going to have to burn the few personal days I have, but I get another one at the end of August, so I will have one for emergency use. Should be settled in fairly quick and ready to go to the Frog Follies hot rod show in a couple weeks. First project at new house, garage. Still deciding between garage and pole barn. Have to see what the city allows as well as prices and what I like. It is going to be at least a three car. Not sure of the depth as of yet. Still trying to figure out configuration. Be able to get quotes once I am in. I found a few companies different people at work have recommended.

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  1. Good! It sounds like everything is straightened out Good luck and hopefully no more kinks. Pole barns are cheaper!