Monday, July 24, 2017

The Purge

Sometimes I just think, how great would it be to have the ability to do a real life purge. No consequence for ridding the world of ignorant people. After a wretched day of work, I headed over to the place that repairs caps that idiots such as myself damage. I am going about my business when, some idiot speeds up the turning lane next to me, I am in the straight lane, and he decides he is going to cut in. I hear a horrible grinding on my passenger side. I look back and idiot is back behind me now, stopped and askew. I pull up a bit and over, he pulls up behind me. I get out and ask him politely what the hell the problem is. He proceeds to tell me I cut him off. He pulls out phone and calls police saving me the problem of having to do so. I inspect my truck and find he scuffed the side of my runner board. Just messed up the rubber a bit. I am shocked as it sounded like the side of my truck was trashed. I look at morons car. No real damage. It looks like he hit the running board with his rim and scuffed it up a bit. I call insurance, police show up. Police officer was nice. I explained how the idiot tried cutting in front of me by ramming the side of my truck, as you could see by the points of damage. He gave me contact info to turn into insurance and told me how to get a police report. My insurance agent told me it would not be worth turning in as it is the other guys fault. She said when he files a complaint for his car and they contact her, she will bill his insurance for a new running board for the truck.
I get done with the agent about the car, and she asks me, do you know you are closing on your house Friday. NO, no I don't know that. I talked to my banker and my realtor and they said nothing. I get home and check with my realtor and she is still not aware of such closing. My insurance agent said someone at my bank contacted her. I am being assured by my realtor and my bank Friday is not set. At what point does one finally notify the buyer / seller of the date of closing. Suppose to close by the first. They are still hee hawing back and forth. That is, I am suppose to close no later than a week from tomorrow, and still no set date. I am ready to go postal. My patience is at an end. Hard to get movers set up with no notice. I am past burned out. May have to watch the Michael Douglas' Falling Down and have a couple adult beverages to get my head right. Or as right as it gets anyway.

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