Sunday, July 9, 2017

Not ready to go back to work

I feel like I haven't had a vacation at all. Been packing, storing and fixing stuff all week long. I am ready to get this nonsense in the rearview mirror. I am almost at the point where the contractors will do what is left, I can pack any and all I can live without, and pretty much wait until moving day. A couple expensive bills, but unfortunately necessary. Crawl space is wet since sump pumps don't work, but fortunately, no mold. Have a couple outfits coming to bid on job. Replace sump pumps and replace plastic liner. I did most other repairs I intend on doing. I am burned out. Missed out on Independence day celebrations altogether. On the bright side, my son and his girl dropped off for a short visit on their way back home up north. They hit Nashville for a few days and are heading back. Didn't get to see my grandson, but saw some new videos they took. Need to go back to work to rest up.

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  1. You need to call me. I sold you a winning raffle ticket. Left a message with your brother.

    Or email me for a number.