Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Starting to look empty

A buddy of mine from work who drives a tow truck after work was kind enough to tow my Mustang to the storage unit I rented for it. Garage is looking downright empty. No tools or benches. Lots of empty space. When I got home, I got quite a scare. An email from the security for one of the storage units I am renting for household stuff. It was found unlocked and they put a lock on it and want me to come out and look at it in the morning. I really lucked out and made it up there minutes before the gates lock for the night. Upon checking unit, there was a lock on it, my lock. I unlocked it and did a quick check and all looks good. I will go back tomorrow and do a better check. I emailed them to check and see if they sent a warning to the wrong unit by mistake so they can check and notify right person. That was a huge relief. More than valuables, I was worried about files and such, with identity theft being so rampant. Hope to have units emptied into new house soon.

I did hit a bit of good news. Buyers for my house ran into a snag and need a few more days to close. They need an extension which requires my OK. I now have my chance to change the amount of time I have to move out of old house into new. I intend to do that with the new addendum. That would take all the pressure off the situation. I am hoping to actually be able to relax at least one day this weekend. It is one of my favorite steam show weekends. Nice flea market as well. I can look, but better not buy as it would be more to pack. Only bad part with the extension of time is I packed dishes, silverware and pretty much everything, so living is going to be very primitive for the next week and a half. Pretty much down to a tv, furniture and a few changes of clothes. Great part is, packing is pretty much done.

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