Friday, July 28, 2017

I am extremely sick of this nonsense.....

The people buying my house hit a snag. They were slow getting money and paperwork to their bank, which delayed their loan. They won't make deadline. I had movers set up for the first as back up since they didn't have the courtesy to tell me they were having issues. They want an extension. I agree, but they need to give me a few extra days to get out as movers are busy the day they now need. They want me out that day so they can move in on a weekend. I am sick of these people. I am literally living in a room full of boxes. I packed fully anticipating the close. I had everything lined out, and now they are being stubborn on the new dates and possession. I am debating just scrapping the deal and getting my separate loan for new house and relisting mine. I have had my fill of these people. Modern day millennials think the world should revolve around them. I am tired of this nonsense. I thought all was done and looking forward to getting back to normal. On the plus side, I have Spike back home for the weekend as repairs are done. Reinspection is suppose to be Monday so he goes back for one more day, if I don't just reject their extension and go back on market.


  1. Tell 'em exactly that.

    "I am willing to work with you, but you gotta work back with me.
    Or fuck you".

  2. I have said as much to my realtor. They seem to think they can go past the date without my consent and I can get out. Where do these people come from where this is acceptable. I Have everything in boxes now. It is like living in a warehouse as I was ready to go at a moments notice. The gun safes are the big items I need movers for. I had them reserved. They weren't happy I moved the date on short notice and I can't blame them. I set it up for the eighth as the buyers here said they could close on Friday the forth. Movers can't do the forth through the seventh, so I booked them for the eighth. Soonest I could get to their date, not mine. They are upset as they want to move in on the weekend. They could have if they would have met deadline. I am so mad at the whole situation. My buyers don't care about all those effected by their fumbling of the paperwork.

  3. Hey Rich;

    Fan of your blog, but never posted before. Be polite and ask those people to work with you because you got hung up by their paperwork snafu. If they cop an attitude, say "That's fine, deals over, I'll return your earnest money, but get out." And continue with your life.