Monday, December 28, 2015

Need to start building the ark

It has been raining nonstop alternating between torrential down pours, to just a steady rain for a few days now. Glad it isn't snow, but this is beyond ridiculous. Called the roofer yesterday. I am far from amused. I have a wet spot on the living room ceiling. I went in the attic and it is leaking at a nail, which tells me it wasn't installed properly as overlap should prevent such leaks. I also saw a couple spots where they put the ridge vent in and cut too much board. I see tar paper. They better have someone here tomorrow. If I have to go down there, it won't be pretty. I put a board on the rafters and a small bucket underneath. It is a really small leak, but big enough to stain the ceiling.
I went and saw Star Wars. Thank God there is no Ja Ja Binks type of character in it. Movie was pretty decent. Saw it on the 3D screen. Matinee price was only about $6 with free bag of popcorn and $1 refills. Can't beat it. I debated if I should stand in the rain for a while so I could feel like those that waited in a long line to see it, packed like sardines in their seats. I shared the theater with three other people. Not counting the baby some thoughtful person thought to bring. Thankfully, they left when baby started crying. Got my dentist appointment out of the way. Once I get my permanent crowns put in, I should be done for a while.

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  1. Keep your powder dry Rich! Have a happy New Year wherever it takes you.