Saturday, December 12, 2015

It was a decent gun auction. Not as many quality guns as is usually there. I did get my broomhandle though. Has a reproduction stock and leather, but that is alright, got it for a decent price. Need to get some ammo now. Have to check when the next gun show is. Guy at the auction told me that the reloader I buy from at the armory show stocks the ammo for it. The NICS check took forever. I would have waited for a couple guns towards the end, but they had already announced that the checks were taking about a half hour to call in. They can only call in five people, then they have to hang up and call again. Gives every caller a chance to be annoyed by a long wait time. Last time I waited until the auction ended, everyone emptied out into the call line, and it took a couple hours to check out. Nothing outstanding to wait for anyway. They had a few carry pistols I was interested in, but they went higher than I was willing to go. I lucked out and only had to wait about an hour total to get checked out. Room quickly filled up as I was leaving. Just in time.

In the seventies today. Go global warming. Obummer signed the climate change nonsense agreement. Eleven more months of his nonsense to go and counting down. Got the extra roofing shingles and extras stored away in the shed. Hopefully I won't need them. Drop the dog at the vets tomorrow for his checkup. If the weather is this nice, I may take the Vette out for a spin. One more work week to go. I guess my FMLA abuser is coming back after a couple month hiatus, just in time for the holidays. Should help out a bit as right now, I am the only one that can program the machines in my group. He should be able to get them through while I am out, if he remembers how to program them. I am so ready for vacation.

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