Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The roof looks awesome

It is complete and looks great. Already had a neighbor ask me about it. I get a hundred dollar referral for anyone who I send their way. I told the guy about it and told him I would split the referral if he mentions my name. I just can't keep a fee like that. They did a nice job. Shed looks great too. It will get a new coat of paint in the spring along with the shutters on the house. Did spend time picking the nails up out of the driveway.
So far, I am off this Saturday. May have worked my last weekend for the year last weekend. This weekend is the big gun auction. They have a broomhandle. Hopefully it doesn't go too high. It is bonus week as well, so Friday, I get another check, yeah.
My son closes on his house tomorrow. His first home. He is doing well. Found out I will be a grandpa next summer which is awesome. I am ready for the end of the work year... Only a week and a couple days to go.

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