Sunday, December 6, 2015

One day weekend is over, back to the salt mines.

President surprised me tonight. I figured he would make a huge portion of his address to disarm the American public. Only a small part of his speech was about the bad assault rifle, you know the AR, what normal people know as the Armalite Rifle, not assault rifle as the gun grabbers call it. Odd bit is, gun control didn't work in California where the shooting took place. Doesn't slow down his rhetoric though. California leads in taking away peoples freedoms with every single "common sense" gun law Obama wants. Apparently, liberals can't figure out the terrorist love soft targets. If they hit up Indiana or Kentucky like that, someone in that group would have fired back. Most people I hang  around with carry, on and off the range. No, they pick California, where they can shoot until the police show up. Or France, where it is all gun free. How about England (remember the knife wielding radicals) where even the police are unarmed. Come on November. I don't care if it is Trump, I just don't want Hillary or Sanders, please......Be nice if all the people that bitch about Obama got off their butts and hit the polls. We could humiliate the democrats, but it won't happen. Many at work don't vote, but whine constantly about what we have in office.

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  1. Yeah, but this was in a public office building (County Health Department or something like that)..Even here in Indiana, those are Victim Disarmament Zones.....