Friday, January 1, 2016

Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant New Years

Spike and I just chilled out at home. He was content with a few sticks of puperoni's. I made a crockpot full of chili with some cornbread on the side. Chili made a day ahead as it always seems better after a day in the fridge. I hate boarding Spike. He is recovering from an eye infection at present. He loves rubbing his face on the carpet. Doesn't work so good at a kennel. Bad Peke trait. He is getting better, slowly. Eyes aren't watering as bad now. Have to keep cleaning them out with eye wash followed by some eye salve. It is almost as much fun using eye meds on him as it was with my son when he was a tot. At least he is getting use to it. Think he is realizing I am trying to help, not dig his eye out. Still doesn't like it, but tolerates it somewhat. They have me giving him benedryl as well. It doesn't come in bacon flavor, so I have to hide it in some lunchmeat. Only two more days until back to work, dang it. Maybe I will hit the lotto tomorrow.

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