Monday, December 21, 2015

Thirty minute turn around, not bad

It took only thirty minutes from walking in to the dentist and driving back home. Two wisdom teeth left behind. Came out really easily. I can now relax and enjoy the holidays. It was easier and less painful than getting the crowns. I am so happy I changed dentists. They do it all.


  1. Glad you're on the mend. Check out the Unicare we talked about.|pcrid|81237959296|pkw|unicare%20200|pmt|b|pdv|c&mm_campaign=e2586b1110b197eb4a1dc616e3be5ed1&mkwid=s6fpw3ALl|pcrid|81237959296|pkw|unicare%20200|pmt|b|pdv|c&keyword=unicare%20200

  2. Thanks Og. I will definitely look at that. Sounds much better than what I have. Really nice seeing you again. Wish we could have spent more time. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year