Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maybe it is time to tweak one of the ammendments

After looking at all the press about school shootings and seeing all the copycat wannabes out there doing heinous senseless atrocities, I change my mind. We really do need to change one of the amendments. We need to change the freedom of the press to hold those accountable for the atrocities they cause society as a whole. For far too long, the press has been free to slant facts and incite volatile behavior to their point of view. An attrocite in a school and lots of kids killed. The press makes sure the killer's name is known world wide and makes him a martyr for the twisted minds out there that only dream of fame and don't care what they have to do to get it. Not a shooting goes by that the press isn't drooling and fanning the flames. They could do their job and show that most of the shootings in the nation happen in places like New York and Chicago where gun control is the most stringent, but again, that doesn't spin the truth into what the press wishes to convey. They could show Mexico, a place where guns are illegal to all, is rampant with murder and crime. They could show how the riots in England (another place that got rid of those nasty guns) ran rampant and the police were overrun and ineffective in stopping the chaos leaving the citizens defenseless and vulnerable, but again, that does not show the view the press wants people to see. It is time for the ammendment to be tweeked. We can make it where if there is a copycat crime, we hold any and all media that made the original criminal famous thus inticing the new whackjob to perpetrate his crime. Can't lock up all the blood thirsty reporters, no problem, jail the editor and owners of the media involved. Make the media accountable for the results of their never ending glorifying the nutjobs. Run the worst of them into bankrupcy with fines and court costs. Maybe after a few fall, some of the media may get the message and get back on track. The press should have no problem with this suggestion as they help push to have the second amendment tweeked or revoked. Bet there would be wider support for holding the media responsible and tweeking their constitutional right than they are going to get with messing with the second amendment.

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