Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How low can he go

Obummer has to drag a few kids on stage as decoration for his latest gun control spiel. The news should drop by my club when they are having their spot shoots and ask kids their opinions on guns. The little ones coming up  so proud with their crickets to shoot at the .22 section of the event. The youth taking hunter education classes so they can go hunting with mom and dad. One of the guys at work took his little girl rabbit hunting for the first time this year. She was thrilled.
The violence in the school was an act of violence carried out by a deranged loon. The guns were legally owned by the mother. No amount of background checks would change this. The mother did not lock her guns up away from her mentally challenged kid. Another act of idiocy which cost her her own life. Tragic, but not going to be fixed by more gun control. This is mainly to get rid of the gun shows.
 Outlawing high capacity magazines. How many millions are out there. You can outlaw them, but criminals will still have them. You can't make them disappear. You can only keep law abiding people from being able to use items we have already purchased and use. You only succeed in making law abiding gun owners criminals.
 Wasting millions of tax dollars on more studies of gun violence accomplishes nothing but increasing our already overwhelming debt. How many left leaning studies must we be forced to fund. Send Obama back to Chicago where he would fit in nicely. They love him. They voted him in twice. Heck, they may kick Rahm to the side and make him mayor. He can be in that friendly gun free atmosphere you can only get in Chicago or Mexico.
The white house accuses the NRA of picking on Obama's daughters. Completely twisted view as only a democrat can twist to their advantage. All the NRA was trying to convey to the non mentally challenged (non democrat), was how Obama, and politicians in general, send their kids to rich private schools with armed security and then ridicule the idea of armed guards in the public schools.
I still don't understand why they can't have a couple officers in each school. You don't need armed guards. Every police station has officers that shuffle papers and do clerical work. If you place a couple in each school doing what they are doing at the station, you have a couple armed police officers on hand should anything come up. Meanwhile, they are still doing what they would be doing at the station and the taxpayers are not out any additional money. But, that doesn't satisfy the gun control nut jobs. It is too simple of a solution.

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