Sunday, January 27, 2013

Congress is ready to tackle immigration reform

Can't we just fast track it. We can just implement the 1986 Reagan era immigration reform plan and kick the can down the road yet again. It would save time and give the same useless results we got back then. If it worked, there wouldn't be any illegals here now. All it does is send the message that if you sneak across the border and wait long enough, you will be made a citizen. The next hoard can start crossing now so they can seek amnesty in about 25 years or so. It really screws over any people that are going through  the expensive and legal process of immigrating to the USA. The politicians are more worried about gaining the votes of the ILLEGALS than doing what is right. Securing the border and making Identification and verification at the polling places makes more sense. Deporting illegals promptly and documenting the deportation where repeat offenders can be punished for their CRIME of entering illegally makes more sense. I would like to see them make polling places require ID's which would prove citizenship. Doing away entirely with the electoral college would also be a great move so everyone's vote actually counts. It would make every state count, not just the swing states. They could also legislate English as the official American language and require immigrants to speak and be able to write in English as a requirement for citizenship. With the high unemployment rate, it would make way more sense deporting illegals so as to open jobs up for real American citizens. Most of the jobs that they say they need Mexican labor for are farm related. If the wages were sustainable, American people would be doing the jobs. As is, they are low paying jobs they can't get labor for, thus they use illegals who they can pay slave wages to. I would rather pay a higher price for food and know it is going to help employ an American worker as opposed to enslaving an illegal immigrant.


  1. If you do away with the electoral college then Kalifornia and New York essentially decide the election.

  2. From the stats I see on the internet, all but one election(bush) the incoming president got the popular vote. I believe you would see a change if the electoral college didn't exist because you would see more people voting in areas where their vote would normally not count. I had the misfortune of working in the south suburbs of Chicago. It was really depressing at election times. You had people that wouldn't vote because the demorat is going to win anyway. The ironic thing is there were more people that would have voted against Obama than those who actually voted for him. That whole part of Illinois is thoroughly screwed up. I am sure if you got out in some of the other liberal areas, they are just as screwed and have their deadbeat nonvoters as well.