Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Balancing the budget-the easy way

Couldn't we just do away with congress altogether. Back when I was in school (many many moons ago) I was taught about separation of power. You had (had being the key word) the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government to balance the power. It seems with Obama's regime, this no longer matters. The white house has decided that Obummer can use executive power to implement any gun control that they come up with. They can bypass congress altogether. Isn't that just wonderful. Don't need to have congress write and vote on a bill. Don't have to wait for it to go through the house and senate and then hit his desk. Why pay all the congress critters when the mighty O can handle everything single handedly. Rewriting the declaration of Independence as needed. Maybe he can just hack off the whole bill of rights part all together. Apparently we don't need the Judiciary part either. Heck, if the bill of rights doesn't mean squat and can be changed on the fly, why do you need judges to interpret the law. If the law doesn't fit the big O's need, change it.Wonder how the mighty press would feel should he ever tire of the Freedom of Speech part. Of course, why do away with the press when they bend and twist the facts to make you look good and justify every obamanation (misspelling intended) you do. We can just get him a throne and shut the house and senate down. Shut down the Supreme court while your at it, more money. Lots of money to pay the bills. He can single handedly raise the debt ceiling and our taxes so he has wealth to redistribute. Four more years of this IDIOT. Just upped my lifetime NRA membership to endowment lifetime and wrote my congress critters again for what good that will do. I am starting to think they can't read. For all their bad mouthing of the NRA being an evil entity, it is nothing more than an organization of tax paying US citizens. It is not like the lobbyists of big oil companies or other big conglomerates. It is an organization of American citizens for the protection of our second amendment rights.

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