Saturday, January 19, 2013

Indy 1500

Got up late (about 7:30 my time) and headed for Indy. Arrived about 11:45 Indy time. The line was around three sides of the building. One of the vendors I talked to said the line started forming at  4:30 AM. Obama did a heck of a good job promoting it. Line moved decently and I made it in the room in about half an hour.It was interesting when I got close to the fairgrounds. It was gun appreciation day today and there were some people with picket signs about, that were dressed up in costume. Saw Ben Franklin rallying for the second amendment.

 They actually have AR's if you are willing to pay the going rate. Saw one just like the one I have that I am going to sell. They had it tagged at $1700. The magpul mags that were $14 are now $40. I did see a nice 1889 Schmidt Rubin to put in my collection, but, I was able to hold off for now. I want to get another safe before getting anything else. They aren't very popular, so he will probably have it next show. He might be willing to come down a bit then as well.  I have found the safe I want, I just have to decide if I am going to do the floor in the living room first. I want to put hardwood down and then put the safe on it. Beats trying to move the safe again to put flooring down. Hit Lowe's tomorrow and see what they have. I think they still have the Pergo I put down in the office. I can continue it down the hall and through the living room. I figure the AR will cover the cost of the safe.

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