Sunday, September 5, 2010

trans going back on

I finally got back to work on the car. I put the flywheel back on and installed the new clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing and pilot bearing. I also got the old seals out of the trans and installed the new ones. I will repaint it the same color. My year is the last year to use old ford blue. The shop painted the motor corporate ford blue (which actually looks better) , so I am going to paint trans to match engine. It is not going to be a show car anyway, so I will paint it the newer ford blue.

 Still have not done the welding. I priced the tank, and am now trying to catch the place open to pick it up. Anyone I talk to says not to use flux core wire with body panels due to burn through and contamination. I found a place that has the Argon/Co2  mix at a very reasonable price. The only problem is they are closed weekends and not open late (4:30) during the week. The place a couple blocks down from work (AirGas) has the tanks, but they want three times what the other place does for the same amount of gas. They are one of the big companies, but their prices are a lot higher than their competition. I am going to try and get the motor and trans back in and run the lines tomorrow. I will try and get floor welded in during week. If they let me out on time one day, I can get the tank. Still need to get carpet ordered, but I can always bolt a seat and run without carpet until it comes in. Will be nice to get engine in and break down cherry picker to get some room back in the garage again.


  1. That's a project!.

    I once traded instruction for a guy's instrument rating in a C-172 for an old Triumph TR7. It seemed in good condition til the clutch went. I had to pull the whole transmission to get at the clutch plate.

    Made the whole American Revolution thing a lot more understandable.

    Hope all is well with you, sorry I've been gone so much this summer and haven't had you all over again. As it is, I won't be home again til mid September. Got to play in a sandbox.

  2. Nicely done. Looking forward to seeing more of the finished product.