Monday, September 6, 2010

Motor and trans are in : )

I installed the transmission to the motor this morning. Wasn't too bad getting it together.I picked up a couple 7/16 bolts and lopped the heads off to use as guide pins. Worked great.

Next up is dropping it in. I had the car on rollers and it made it nice rolling car into position. I had hoist at angle in corner of garage and rolled car into 45 degree angle under hoist. Gave me more room around car and hoist. Install went pretty good. Would have been a lot easier with another set of hands. I borrowed a load leveler from a buddy which made putting engine at an angle to allow for trans to enter a lot easier. Once it clears part of firewall, you can start leveling motor out as you drop it in.

After I lined the engine up, I put a bolt in on each motor mount to allow swiveling. I then was able to jack the trans up level and install new trans mount and cross member.Old trans mount came off in two pieces. Forty year old rubber tends to do that. I will try and get the water pump, plugs, coil, wires, thermostat and miscellaneous brackets on tomorrow. If I get off on time, I can get my welding tank and start doing some of the welding. I still need to get the alternator bracket off old alternator. The old bolt is in love with the hole in the alternator, so I will need to take to work and use the press. I need to install  freeze plug shop missed as well. Would be nice to fire it up next weekend. I want to replace the u-joints while shaft is down as well. Lots more to do, but I am getting there slow but sure.

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  1. It must be wonderful to have that much room in the engine bay to work. Putting a drivetrain into a '95 Escort is a lot harder.