Saturday, August 28, 2010

Frog Follies part2

Well, I went back to the car show and picked up my HEI conversion kit and other miscellaneous parts. Unfortunately they gave me the wrong coil for it so I have to go tomorrow and exchange for the proper one. I did not notice that I left the house minus my camera so there are no new pics for today. I did get some tips from one of the vendors on welding in the floor pan. The sales corral had some new additions. Today being the weekend, there were a lot more people in attendance. You almost need a map to find your way around in there. I could not find the booth with the frame coating I wanted yesterday. Might have better luck tomorrow. Only one more day of vacation, but there is a long weekend coming up next week, so that makes it a little more tolerable. I put the conversion kit in the distributor. I need to get a new o-ring when I get back to work as the old one is over forty years old and not to pliable.

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