Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exhaust on

Managed to dig the workbench off enough to organize tools and make room for welder. I broke it in by welding ear back on exhaust manifold. I also managed to get the exhaust manifold and system hooked back up. I also found another source for welding gas. Seems Rural King has a trade in system like propane tanks for welding gas. I can buy filled tank and trade it in as needed for full tank. Price is substantially cheaper than Air Gas and Rural King is open on weekends. The battery tray inner fender part is ready to weld in place. I will pick up tank tomorrow and get it taken care of. I am going to install radiator and hopefully start car tomorrow, so it may turn into a decent day.

Mig welder worked pretty nice. First time I used a mig welder. Alot nicer than Stick and acetylene like I have done before. Trigger controlled wire feed is nice. Need to practice on some scraps of sheet metal tomorrow to get a feel for how it welds before starting on real panels.

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