Sunday, September 19, 2010

Most of accessories back on

I managed to get some time in on the Mustang today after catching up on some house chores. I mounted the alternator with new harness extension. I have it in place with a stud temporarily while waiting on bolt kit to come in. I found some more damage in one of the wiring harnesses and got a price on changing out the whole section of harness. I will take it out during the week and see if I can replace one nasty wire or if more of them are damaged. It is a pretty long harness as it feeds the headlights, voltage regulator, alternator, starter relay and turn signals.

I also installed the water pump, thermostat with housing, coil, spark plugs, Distributor, spark plug wires and the missing freeze plug. I pulled the valve cover and found top dead center and set initial timing. I also put in an electronic ignition conversion kit. I bought a new z-bar for the clutch as the old one was unsalvagable. It was used off e-bay and needed some modifications as the previous owner welded up worn holes, but failed to drill new holes to accommodate the linkage. Once I found my 1/2 drill and chuck key (which was a job in it self in my nightmare of a garage) I managed to get holes in and get it installed. Ford did not allow much clearance between z-bar and steering shaft. Had to adjust height of z-bar bracket to clear the shaft. Now if I can only remember where I stowed the exhaust manifold, I can get the exhaust back in place. Rebuild kit did not include gaskets for carburetor, so I will have to order some from the parts store. She is just about there. I will try and get radiator dropped at shop during the week. I keep forgetting about it. It is in good shape, just want to have it hot tanked and have a new hose fitting installed as old one is bent.

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  1. There's new brakes out on "chris" (Christine's older brother" out in the garage. The truck, I think is older than I, but it makes a good camping or bug out vehicle.