Thursday, September 23, 2010

Found it

Made some progress today. I ordered gaskets for the carb Monday and they came in yesterday so I was able to get it mounted and the linkage back on today. I cleaned up the drive shaft and repainted it. Need to go to store and get new u-joints on the way home tomorrow so I can reinstall drive shaft. Need to pick up some new heater hose as well. I figure the blue hose will go good with the engine.

I looked everywhere I could think of for the exhaust manifold, and I finally found it. When I had problems with the breaker blowing and ran a new power line for the garage, I was sand blasting. I left it in the blast cabinet. I also found the ear that broke off of it that had been welded on by the previous owner and came off upon removal from car. I will try re welding it tomorrow and hopefully get the exhaust remounted. Hope to fire it up on Saturday if I can get radiator back by then. Everything else should be together tomorrow. I got an e-mail from the place I ordered parts for the car, and the last of the parts should be here tomorrow, including the alternator mounting bolts.

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