Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pics from the past project

It has been too hot to work on the car, and work has been too crazy to permit the time. I figured I would post a few pics of the last project car I worked on. It is a 1989 corvette. It was similar to the stang as I did not really plan on going in as deep as I did on it when I did, but circumstances led to a new top end and clutch. It started out as my father's project which I took over upon his passing. I recovered the seats, which taught me to never undertake upholstery again. The seats have alot of tucks, each requiring a ton of hog rings to install. They turned out good, just not fun. Next up was a paint job. Guy did an excellent job. My brother later took his 72 Monte Carlo to him and it came out excellent. Got the car back from paint and went to the weekend car show in my town. Coming home from the car show, I smell coolant. Turns out it was the Vette. Crawl under and look. Coolant was coming from hole in transmission housing. I figure it is rear freeze plug since no water up above. I look at manual and see the nightmare of dropping trans and it is off to the shop. I have them install clutch while it is out. Call comes from shop. Good news, clutch done, bad news, not freeze plug, head gasket was leaking and water was traveling down through trans and coming out bottom. This is what led to the rebuild of the top end of the motor.

Towed  Vette home and tore into motor. She got new fuel injectors, a bored out throttle body, a new chip for  the computer, and  the air pump and all associated plumbing magically disappeared making maintenance much easier. The heads were redone and all new springs and hardware installed. Did some powder coating and ceramic coating of alot of components while apart. I polished the plenum and painted the grooves the same color as car exterior. I was able to match valve cover powder coat to match exterior color as well. The powder coater was only a block away from work, so that was convenient. She moves out pretty good now. I do need to put in a new ignition switch this winter though. GM makes it so you need to pull the column to get to it.


  1. I could eat breakfast off of those parts.

    I remember years ago when I had the 67 Cuda. I needed to get new headers as with the 440 big block my brake boosters were getting barbecued.

    I was flying the 727 for Secret Squirrel at the time. We could ship anything through with some size restriction but little security checking.

    Needeless to say the headers coming through security at LAX raised an eyebrow or two.

  2. Hi Brigid.

    The old Mopars were awesome cars. Do you have any pics? Congrads on hitting 4 million views on your blog. I told you you have a fantastic blog. Keep up the good work.