Thursday, August 26, 2010

Motor is back

Well, I finally got the motor back today. I lucked out and walked into the shop while they were putting the final touches on it. The kid working on it offered to deliver it for twenty bucks. I couldn't rent a truck for that. I gave him forty and still consider myself money ahead. Motor looks good. I will assemble clutch and install tranny to motor tomorrow. I don't want to install motor until I get the floor pan installed. I removed the carpet and cleaned up the area. Tomorrow, I will go to Frog Follies in the morning, and cut floor out in the evening. Still need to line up and see if anyone is going to Indy gun show and what day so I know how to plan weekend. I am hoping on getting floor welded in this weekend. I am still working up the nerve to try welding it in myself as opposed to taking it in. The driver side front is the only bad one. The rear and tunnel area look like new. They still have the paint on them.Drivers side rear is in great shape as well. I am still waiting on the subframe connectors to show up. They are bolt in, but I intend on bolting and welding them in.

I bought a new z-bar to get the car going. Still want to go hydraulic with the clutch in the future, but this will get it to the street sooner. The old one was beyond repair. Someone welded a slug off center in it and rigged it to sorta work. I found one on e-bay to get it going. I also got a new frame bracket and new washers and bushings for it.

I should have some great pics tomorrow from the Frog Follies. It has to be one of the best car shows around. I am going to try to find a better shifter for the mustang while I am there. Would be nice to find a floor console as well. I need to get new carpet as well. The carpet did not come up where it can be reused.

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