Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friends of the NRA

My friend from work acquired a couple extra tickets to a friends of the NRA banquet and raffle. His cousin is a business partner and had tickets he couldn't use. It was a blast. Guns, reloading supplies, a safe and many nice items available as prizes and for auction. Saw some people from the sportsman's club there. The caretaker of the club won the safe. It is the exact model I have. It has a rifle rack built into the inside of the door. Very slick idea. Next year, I will go again, it was a blast. I am hoping on going to the annual NRA meet next year. Was planning on going this year, but couldn't get off at work. Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris and Sarah Palin were there. Just have to plan a vacation for next years meet.

Mustang has been on hold. Work is going crazy. Working ten to twelve hours a day, seven days a week at present. At least it will help pay for the motor. A couple more weeks and it will be vacation time again. Hope to get the motor back in and start driving it. The humidity and heat have been unbearable lately. Still have welding to do, but it has just been way too hot. hope to post some new pics as soon as I get time to get back to the toy. Can't wait to drive it. Indy gun show is coming up in a couple weeks as is the Frog Follies. The Frog Follies has to be my absolute favorite car show ever. They fill the fairgrounds with vehicles 1948 and older. Stock, rods, rat rods, car parts (used and new) and a heck of a lot of project cars. I finish the Mustang, I may have to move one more time. My garage is full and I would still love to build a rat rod. Nothing fancy, just a T-bucket type of ride for the fun of it. I will post some pics of the Follies when I go. It's large enough, I usually go all three days, but I will have to miss one day to go up to the Indy gun show. Hate to miss that. Meet up with Og and my brother and hopefully see Brigid as well ( and Barkley) . It's always a good time.


  1. Glad you're busy. Better than the other alternative. Good to know the money's going to pay for something worthwhile, like the stang, rather than crap like insurance or groceries.

  2. At least where they're sending me for work is colder. .

    Glad you're hanging in there. If those beautiful firearms ever need a babysitter, you call me and let me know.

  3. Not going to be around this weekend to cook supper for you all. Work has been a little hectic lately and a lot of travel. I hope I'll see you and your brother and Og all real soon.

  4. Sorry I won't be able to see you this trip up. I hope you have a safe journey and catch up on the next trip. Work has been quite busy for me as well, but fortunately I have a vacation the week of the gun show. Suppose to have the motor back for the mustang, and my brother is suppose to come down for the weekend, so it should be a good week.