Friday, August 27, 2010

Frog Follies

Got up early and went to Frog Follies this morning. What a beautiful day for it. You couldn't ask for better weather. I found a full floor pan for the mustang and another guy has the conversion kit for HEI ignition system. Typical luck though. I have to look at distributor and see which of the two ford used on mine. Apparently, my car is a borderline changeover year. I found out yesterday that the engine mounts I ordered for it are the wrong ones. Mine use the 1964-1966 ones instead of the ones for 1967. I will go back and get the parts over the weekend. Gives me an excuse to go back and gawk at the nice cars some more.

FlamingRiver had a booth set up there. I was able to see their latest steering gear for the car. It has the flaming river manual steering upgrade and it looks to have an after market steering column. The guy showed me what to look for to see if it is one of theirs or not. It has some slop in it, so if it is one of theirs, he said even though I did not purchase it new, they could still work on it and fix it instead of me buying a new one.

I got a chance to look through a lot of tools and bought some odds and ends in the bargain bins. They had some nice cars in the sale corral. I just don't have the room at present for any more toys. They had couple mustangs for sale, but they were in really bad shape. I did see a really nice Bronco there. I only work about 4 miles from home now, so mileage wouldn't be an issue. I always liked the old Broncos.  I found some info on chrome platers and powdercoaters as well as upholsterers while looking around. Did not find shifter console, but I will keep an eye out in the future. One will show up eventually.

Still have to determine what to do over weekend. Have the Indy gun show going on, and I definitely want to hit the car show again. It was a blast. I stayed until they were closing some of the sales tents and it appeared most of the cars were getting ready to go on a cruise. It was pretty neat, when I left the show, the old cars were everywhere you drove in town. There are thousands of them. One of the attendants at the gate said as of midday, they had 5000 registered so far and they were still coming.

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