Friday, October 2, 2015

vacation time

Get to start vacation off with another gun show. Last week, the armory, this week, the 4H center. Next week, the machine gun shoot. Freakin awesome. Throw in a midweek auction and things are looking good.
Do have some business that needs handling. Last month, I did away with cable. Had Time Warner Cable. Seems they have a real screwed up way of dealing with people leaving them. I turned in all my equipment on the last day of my monthly billing cycle and got a receipt showing I was good with the world. Owe nothing. One week later, I get a bill for $60. The bill, dated 9-1, was billing me for services up to 9-12. I call and talk with the incompetent people at customer service. After going through a horribly long automated push this button for this service menu, I finally reach a talking head. After putting me on hold several times while he checked on things, talking head tells me that the bill is a mistake, ignore it. I should receive a updated bill showing zero in the mail. I put my new bill and my receipt from disconnect away in desk. I receive a note from a bill collector on the 25th. The idiots at Time Warner turned me into collection for nonpayment. Nonpayment of a bill they told me not to pay. The original bill was typed by them on the 1st, I receive it on the 5th, they turn me into collection on the 21st. After telling me not to pay. I paid them to end the bad things happening to my credit, now, it is time to repay them in other ways. I already hit them with the better business bureau, mainly seeking them fixing anything the nimrods did to my credit rating. Monday, I am calling the consumer department at the Indiana state attorney office to file a complaint. I find it hard to believe it is legal to smudge somebodies credit in a matter of a few weeks. More than the money, I am thoroughly aggravated at the nonchalant way they can destroy somebodies credit and just not care. The lady I talked to on the phone the second time I called Time Warner said she saw the note left by the first guy I talked to and it said he told me not to pay. She didn't see what my problem was with just paying the bill. The collection agency shouldn't be any problem if you pay. What idiots. Totally done doing business with them. I have internet through one of their competitors and am done with cable. Way too much money for way too little service. Have a Roku player and Netflix. More than enough to choose from. Have converted a few people away from Time Warner already, so hope they enjoy their sixty bucks blood money. Unreal.

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