Saturday, October 10, 2015

That flew by

Only one day left before having to head back in to work. Darn it. New guy called up this morning. He jammed the machine against a hard limit switch. The other machine, he couldn't remember the sequence for starting it up. Headed in to get them going so they would not lose a couple shifts production. What should have been a five minute fix turned into a couple hours. Limit switch has never been hit before. Twenty years of accumulated grime, it went down and didn't come back up. I had to disassemble and clean switch to get machine back on line. Still, not the worst vacation damage. Usually go in to find one machine needing repair after being gone a week. My new machine still hasn't come in yet. Maybe next week.

While driving home yesterday, I noticed a shimmy in the truck at highway speed. Tires look like they are about toast. Getting kinda squirrely in the rain as well. Been researching brands to what people are having the best results with and getting prices. Truck tires definitely get your attention on price. Been meaning to do the brakes as well. Nasty dust on front wheels and don't like the way it brakes. When I bought the truck a year and a half back, they said they put new brakes on it. I noticed at the time how the rotors looked a grooved. Apparently new brakes on a truck they're selling means they threw a set of pads on it. Pads looked good when I pulled them, but I went ahead and put the ceramic pads that I bought on it. Put some heavier duty rotors on while I was at it. An extra thirty bucks per, but I want to see if they hold up better than the cheapies do. She brakes smoothly now, no pulsing and a clean stop. Back looked good so I let them go for now. Tomorrow, I will paint the fence.....

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