Friday, October 30, 2015

It was an uphill battle

But I won. Cannibalized the servo cable from the machine with the bad motor to try on new machine. Alarm went away and I was able to move the b-axis, somewhat. It had limited movement. I worked it back and forth and freed it up, so it now homes out. I hope to start doing fluid changes Monday. I believe the b-axis needs a good flush and fill. I think some sediment in the oil may have settled on the gear during shipping. Machines don't like truck rides, especially old machines. Good to know it all works before going through the hassle of all the fresh filters and fluids. Looking forward to playing with it.

One more 4AM work day tomorrow. Supposedly my 3rd shift guy will be back after his latest two week hiatus on FMLA leave. Have to check out that gravy train. Anytime I feel like not going to work, call in a FMLA. Machine gun shoot, FMLA. Gunshow, FMLA. Run out of vacation and just not up to work, FMLA. I just have to figure out how the abusers of the system still manage to pay the bills. A part of it I just don't understand. House payments, utilities and such. Every place has at least one, we have two abusers. OT is nice, I just wish it was the second shift gone and not the third. I don't mind staying over, I hate going in early, and 4AM is just too early to get up. Second shift guy has a couple vacation days beginning of next week so I get to go in at 7 and stay late, so that is sweet. OT and sleep in.

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