Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thanks Obama, can I have another

Had our benefits meeting for next years insurance. Only went up eight bucks a month. We no longer have to pay a copay when we go in to the doctor. Under the new policy, doctor bills you at whatever discount you get for the insurance we have, then, you pay the whole bill, not just a copay. Once you reach the new, much higher priced out of pocket limit, then the insurance STARTS paying. Yep, thanks Obama. On my way out of the meeting, Herb is walking out with his head hung low. So I ask "What's the matter Herb". Herb says "this really sucks. Can't wait until Sanders get in as president, maybe he can straighten this out."  I told Herb I just didn't understand what he was upset about. He voted for Obama in 08 and 2012. He voted for the benefits we are getting now, and apparently, he is ready to bring the next socialist in to help remedy the situation. Rarely a day goes by old Herb doesn't rant about just how great Obama is. Really don't understand the liberals voting in their leaders and then getting all hurt when it effects them negatively. He still has no real idea of what it has to do with Obamacare. Walked away bewildered and hurt, not sure why his hero is getting blamed for the mess. Most of the auto workers are in talks for contracts. I am interested to see how they make out now that the Cadillac tax is starting to kick in full force. I highly doubt the companies are going to eat the whole bill. Unions wanted Obama and Obamacare, now I am hoping they get to share in the aftermath. Hopefully, enough people get effected by the parts that are now kicking in so maybe they actually think before going to the polls. Unfortunately, most of the people at work that can't stand Obama and hate the way it effects them, don't vote. Alternately, the few Herbs we have never forget to vote. How I dread next year.

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