Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well, the left is making pretzels out of the facts again


I have been hoping congress would eventually do away with the absurdity of not being able to purchase a handgun out of state. I frequent Whitaker Gun store in Kentucky, and I can only bring home long guns and shot guns. Handguns I have to send to an FFL and that takes until Sunday, as the one they use goes there weekly, adds to the expense, plus the wait time. Well, the left has figured the nut case was able to buy the gun out of state since it wasn't a hand gun, so, how long you figure until they change the law to NO guns out of state? Don't concern themselves with how the data base didn't catch his past infractions. No concern as to why he wasn't serving time for shooting at construction workers. Serving time for shooting at neighbor. No concern as to how he got a shotgun into a federal facility. No concern for allowing military personnel to carry their service weapons so they can defend in case of a lunatic or terrorist. No, it's the loose gun laws. It's not having their gun registry universal background checks in place. If the federal government is so inept, it allowed a psycho to work for them with clearance, how is a back ground check going to help. They discharged him over his psychotic behavior, then hired him as a contractor and gave him clearance. Oh well, just have to start buying my guns in state I guess. It's a shame. Whitakers is freakin enormous and prices are extremely good. If I were truly a psychotic nutbag, I would simply take one of my many handguns with me to use in some heinous crime. How is stopping an out of state sale suppose to do anything constructive.

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