Friday, September 27, 2013

Just a little at a time

They didn't want to floor everyone with all the bad news at one time, so, they divided it up a bit. Thursday meeting was just about some of the benefits we use to enjoy. Thanks to Obamanomics, the economy sucks to put it mildly. They did away with some positions, revamped the way they figure overtime, not in our favor, and a few more perks going by the wayside. Overtime is being drastically reduced for the foreseeable future, and some people that left and were let go won't be replaced. That done, they postponed the meeting of what Obamacare means to us working folk until the early October meeting. At least I still have a job and a full time one at that. Hopefully business picks back up soon. Silly part is, the supposed global warming. A huge part of our business is the manufacture of drink cups (McDonald's, burger king and such). Since the year has been unusually cool (global warming chanters change chant to climate change), the demand was unusually low, causing a lot of machines to sit idle and stock to pile up. Add to that the higher operating costs of material, and, costs need cutting. If only they could do what the democrats do. Just borrow loads of money and keep raising your own borrowing limit.: )

At least it is the weekend. Gun show at the club tomorrow and a barbeque down town. Should be a nice weekend. Take a few guns to the club to play with. I want to take my Henry and my M1 carbine out for a bit of exercise.

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