Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hell to get old

Started the day by going to Clifty Falls National park. Not sure when my body went to hell, but it sucks. I tried taking a trail down some steep stairs and my knees just can't do it anymore. For some reason, heading down the stairs is harder than going up. Went down a ways, but the knees were complaining loudly and I didn't want to get in a position I couldn't get our of. May see if the elastic supports they sell help any. After I left there, I tried heading to the war bird museum. A museum of old historic war airplanes. Garmin stuck it to me again and took me to an alley in the middle of nowhere. I turned it off and went to my not so smart, smart phone. It uses google maps. It led me to an old subdivision. Unless someone meant little model planes, I do believe high tech got me again. Third try. I went to their website and hit the direction tab. It triggered a map function on a different app on my not so smart smart phone. This time, it took me to an office complex. At this point, I was ready to go back to the muzzleloader show and put the phone and garmin out on the target range and turn them into itty bitty chunks of plastic. At this point, being a man and incapable of asking direction, I said heck with it and headed home, after a stop at the pathetic excuse of a Cabela's that Louisville has. It is one story and the gun section is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I am spoiled. I am used to the one in Hammond Indiana. A full size real Cabela's, not Cabela lite like down here. I asked the guy why it was so small. He said they are trying to put more of them out there faster, thus they are getting a bit smaller. Seems kinda backward to me. Won't go out of my way to go there again.

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