Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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The evil black gun was not, repeat, was not the culprit in the latest tragedy. Apparently, the idiot that shot up the navy yard was a fan of shotgun Joe. Yes, as Joe Biden suggested, the nut job used a shotgun. A shotgun he somehow legally acquired at a store, not, again, repeat not a gun show. He bought it legally through a store. A store, not a gun show you pin headed anti gunning knuckleheads. None of your rhetoric would have made an ounce of difference. The only thing that would have helped would have been that the current background check system would have shown his criminal background and red flagged him. Why didn't it? That should be the question. He lost his job at the military because of a couple illegal discharges of firearms incidents. One of which was shooting at vehicles of construction workers. While construction workers have on many occasions raised my blood pressure, I have to date resisted the urge to shoot at them. Why was he not jailed for this offense? Why did this not scream attention when they called his gun in? We don't need to change the laws, we need to fix what apparently is broken. I would still like a legitimate reason for them disarming all military personnel on a base. They are trained professionals after all and having them armed may have prevented this as well as other shootings. It is a bit ridiculous for a military base to have to call in police.

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